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Emergency Preparation

Mitigating, Preparing, Responding, and Recovery

It's important for everyone to plan for a disaster. Disasters can strike quickly and without warning. You may have to evacuate your home at short notice or may be confined to your home for an extended period of time. What will you do for food? How will you communicate with family members? What medications do you need? What will you do with your pets?  How can you help your community?

Many questions need to be answered and every family has a variety of needs that they will be concerned about. Some planning on your part could play a large role in protecting you, your family. and your community. CodeReady can assist you in planning for an emergency. CodeReady is a statewide initiative created to help all Minnesotans be informed, organized and connected on emergency preparedness.

You should keep enough supplies in your home to meet your needs for at least three days. 

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