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Adult Prosecution 

The Criminal Division of the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office has 13 prosecutors located in the Courthouse offices in Duluth, Virginia, and Hibbing. The Criminal Division is responsible for prosecuting adults charged with felonies in St. Louis County. The criminal division also prosecutes certain gross misdemeanors, misdemeanors, petty misdemeanors, and ordinance violations. Most gross misdemeanors, misdemeanors, petty misdemeanors, and ordinance violations occurring within cities are prosecuted by the City Attorney for each city. 

One of the most important responsibilities of a prosecutor is to review criminal investigations referred by law enforcement and make a decision as to whether an individual will be charged with a crime. Prosecutors review police reports, draft criminal complaints, appear at court hearings, interview and prepare witnesses for trial, handle grand jury proceedings, conduct jury trials, and provide legal advice and training to law enforcement, and participate in criminal justice system initiatives. The criminal court processes are established by the Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure.

The prosecutors in the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office represent the State of Minnesota. They do not represent individual citizens and cannot give individual citizens legal advice.  

Prosecutors cannot take reports of crimes. If you wish to report a crime you should contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911.

Prosecutors do not represent defendants and cannot give defendants legal advice. Individuals charged with a crime may be eligible for a public defender and may request the appointment of a public defender from the Sixth Judicial District Public Defender’s Office at their first court appearance.