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Radio Communications

Maintaining All County Radio Communications 

 Radio Technician  Radio Tower  Radio Technician

The Radio Maintenance Division, which is a part of the 911 Department, designs, installs, and maintains all county radio communications systems.  Their role is to improve and maintain the wireless communications infrastructure within St. Louis County.  Radio Maintenance Technicians install and repair squad mounted and handheld radios for public safety entities.  They also ensure that the remote radio tower sites, computer-aided dispatch systems, and associated hardware are operating and functional.   

Support Staff

Providing Administrative Support to 911

The Support Staff Division, which is part of the 911 Department, provides effective administrative support to the 911 Emergency Communications Division and Radio Maintenance Division for the accounting, payroll, purchasing and statistical recordkeeping functions of the Division.  In addition, to provide effective response to rural address requests for all properties in St. Louis County and to maintain timely updates to the CAD (computer-aided dispatching) system geographical fields.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Spatial data maintenance

 The GIS Specialist maintains spatial data for use in the CAD (computer-aided dispatch) system and performs complex GIS analysis for 911 address assignment. With a thorough knowledge of 911 addressing standards, mapping technology, and 911 communications, the GIS Specialist manages county GIS data including structure addresses, road centerlines, and emergency response districts. The GIS Specialist supports the consumption of these and other GIS layers in public safety software. Additionally, the GIS Specialist supports requests from law, fire, and EMS agencies for cartographic layouts/hard-copy maps, and is responsible for providing spatial data to appropriate agencies and the public as requested.