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911 Employment 

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The St. Louis County 911 Communications Department seeks exceptional people to lead us into and through the 21st Century.  We offer a variety of career opportunities including:

  • Emergency Communications Specialists (Dispatch)
  • Information Specialists
  • Electronic Systems Technicians
  • Managerial Positions

We offer a challenging work environment where you have the opportunity to discover and develop the talents that will help you and the Department to excel. Our culture is characterized by long term relationships of trust.  Working together we foster a commitment to doing what is right for the public, right for the emergency services response agencies and right for our coworkers and associates.

What Dispatchers Do Requirements of a Dispatcher Opportunities/Training Program

On-the-Job Training                                

Dispatcher At WorkTraining for dispatchers consists of on-the-job training combined with a classroom training and intensive one-on-one "live environment" training with peer observation and guidance.

Certification in CPR is a pre-requisite for certification as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD).  EMD initial certification course is 24 hours in length and includes a written examination.  Maintaining EMD certification requires 24 continuing education units every 2 years.

Certification in BCA Terminal Operators "Hot Files" course is required.  Maintaining BCA Terminal Operators "Hot Files" certification consists of re-examination every 2 years.

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