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911 Employment 

 Duluth Dispatch Center  911 Dispatcher  Midway Dispatch Center

The St. Louis County 911 Communications Department seeks exceptional people to lead us into and through the 21st Century.  We offer a variety of career opportunities including:

  • Emergency Communications Specialists (Dispatch)
  • Information Specialists
  • Electronic Systems Technicians
  • Managerial Positions

We offer a challenging work environment where you have the opportunity to discover and develop the talents that will help you and the Department to excel. Our culture is characterized by long term relationships of trust.  Working together we foster a commitment to doing what is right for the public, right for the emergency services response agencies and right for our coworkers and associates.

What Dispatchers Do Requirements of a Dispatcher Opportunities/Training Program

Requirements of the Job 

 Midway Communications Center  Dispatcher  Duluth Communications Center

  • Working knowledge of telecommunications, radio and computer aided dispatch equipment operation

  • Working knowledge of law enforcement and communications center dispatch rules and procedures

  • Working knowledge of laws, ordinances and policies and terminology of local jurisdictions and location of boundaries, streets, addresses etc. in service area

  • Working knowledge of emergency medical dispatch instruction protocols needed to provide effective pre-arrival and/or post dispatch emergency medical assistance

  • Ability to perform effective and timely multi-task emergency dispatch functions in volatile and stressful situations

  • Ability to perform essential functions of 911 dispatching during CAD system failures

  • Ability to accurately follow oral and written instructions

  • Ability to enunciate clearly in verbal communications

  • Ability to enter accurate and complete data into computer while talking and listening

  • Ability to remain cognizant of call taking and dispatch activities of coworkers while effectively performing essential activities at a communications station/console.

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