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Calling 911 Emergency Communications

  • When calling within St. Louis County: Dial 911.

  • When calling from outside of St. Louis County Dial 218-625-3581 to reach the 911 Communications Center located in Duluth, MN.

  • Administrative and addressing support staff can be reached at 218-726-2920 during the week days.


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Did You Know? 

Many false calls are generated to 911 due to cell phones being auto-programmed or pre-programmed with a one button emergency feature to dial 911.

What Can You Do?

Disable Emergency Buttons.  Check your user manual or contact your service provider to find out if your wireless phone has a pre-programmed emergency 911 button.  If it does, find out how to disable it.

Lock Your Keypad.  Most wireless phones have a feature that locks or disables the keypad to prevent accidental dialing.  Get in the habit of using it.

Don't Hang Up.  If you realize you have accidentally called 911, please stay on the line until the call taker answers.  You will save the call taker several valuable minutes by explaining that you accidentally dialed the wrong number rather than the call taker having to call you back to see if there's a problem.

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