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Calling 911 Emergency Communications

  • When calling within St. Louis County: Dial 911.

  • When calling from outside of St. Louis County Dial 218-625-3581 to reach the 911 Communications Center located in Duluth, MN.

  • Administrative and addressing support staff can be reached at 218-726-2920 during the week days.


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ICE - In Case of Emergency

Add ICE In Your Mobile Phone

In Case of Emergency, would the police and ambulance service know who to contact?

Simply type ICE plus a contact name and number in to your mobile phone and help us to help you!

If you or someone in your family were injured in an accident, would emergency services personnel know who to contact to inform them of the situation?

By putting ICE, along with a designated emergency contact person's name and telephone number, in your cell phone address book,  emergency responders will be provided with a way that allows them to reach your designated person in an emergency situation.


A British paramedic recognized that many people carry cell phones but do not carry emergency contact information.  This could lead to the lack of  critical medical information in times of accidents and emergencies and a delay in contacting loved ones. 

When ICE is in your cell phone address book, emergency service providers can access your contact information with the touch of a button. 

This may be extra beneficial for children and teens who have no photo identification or driver's license. For minors it is especially important that an adult, who is able to make decisions on the juvenile's behalf, be listed.

It is important that when placing an ICE entry in your cell phone the listed contact person has agreed to be the contact, is easily accessible at the number provided, knows about any medical conditions that could affect this situation, and has a list of additional people to contact on your behalf - including your work place.

People still are advised to carry a card of emergency contacts in their wallet or purse since many cell phone users place password protection on their cell phones and a cell phone could be damaged during an  accident or an emergency could happen out of the call range.

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