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What is 911?

St. Louis County 911 Logo911 is the telephone number that provides direct access to police, fire and medical assistance and initiates a coordinated response.

The role of the 911 Emergency Communications Department is to provide the public with competent, timely and effective emergency and non-emergency public safety communication services. 

They operate and maintain the county's Public Safety Answering Points, also referred to as PSAP in Duluth and Virginia, Minnesota, the rural addressing functions, and many county-wide public safety radio communications networks. These elements combine to form the "911 System", which provides coordinated law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services to all St. Louis County residents.

The 911 Division answers more than 252,302 requests for assistance annually, dispatches 185 public safety agencies, and functions as the central point of coordination for all county emergency warning services.

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What Happened Then In 2010?

Of the 145,145 emergency 911 calls received for Duluth and Virginia, 117,697 (81.1%) were answered within 1-5 seconds.

This accounts for more than 157,026 calls (911 and non-emergency) answered by the Duluth call center and more than 94,568 (911 and non-emergency) calls answered by the Virginia call center.

Of the 157,026 calls to Duluth, 94.8% were answered in less than 10 seconds.

Of the 94,568 calls to Virginia, 98.6% were answered in less than 10 seconds.

St. Louis County 911 serves 185 jurisdictions with law enforcement, emergency medical services, ambulance and fire.

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