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What is 911?

St. Louis County 911 Logo911 is the telephone number that provides direct access to police, fire and medical assistance and initiates a coordinated response.

The role of the 911 Emergency Communications Department is to provide the public with competent, timely and effective emergency and non-emergency public safety communication services. 

They operate and maintain the county's Public Safety Answering Points, also referred to as PSAP in Duluth and Virginia, Minnesota, the rural addressing functions, and many county-wide public safety radio communications networks. These elements combine to form the "911 System", which provides coordinated law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services to all St. Louis County residents.

The 911 Division answers more than 252,302 requests for assistance annually, dispatches 185 public safety agencies, and functions as the central point of coordination for all county emergency warning services.

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For many years, St. Louis County maintained two PSAP's, 911 call centers.  One was located at the Midway site near Virginia and an additional PSAP in the Duluth area. The two centers provided services to the North and South regions of St. Louis County in a way that developed a high expectation for quality service among our citizens, visitors, and emergency service providers.

Advancements in technology and economic challenges have created an environment conducive to consolidating the PSAP's. The ARMER system allows radio dispatching to be completed from remote locations. New 911 phone systems that are internet protocol based have created the ability to route calls to a variety of backup call taker locations. Demand for data to operate our systems placed a greater need to locate PSAP's with data capacity in mind. GIS technology has reduced our reliance upon local knowledge and paper maps.

The State of Minnesota has encouraged the consolidation of PSAP's across the state. After a thorough assessment, it was determined consolidation was feasible for St. Louis County.  Creating one regional communications center in St. Louis County will save over $700,000 in infrastructure upgrades alone. It will also ensure that we can afford to continue investing in the highest quality technology to provide excellent 911/dispatch services.
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