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Preserving and Protecting County Wetlands

St. Louis County is the local government unit (LGU) responsible for administration and enforcement of the Wetland Conservation Act outside the municipalities (cities).  

Landowners considering any construction or alteration within wetland areas should contact the St. Louis County Planning and Community Development Department or whoever the LGU is for their jurisdiction. Please see the wetland regional agency contact list for more information.

To learn more about the Wetland Conservation Act (WCA)

Wetland Types

1 Floodplain Forest                        1-2 Seasonally Saturated Basin  
3-5 Open Water                            6 Shrub Carr    
7 Hardwood-Coniferous Swamp      8 Open - Conferous Bog

Wetland Banking

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Wetland Delineation Review

Application            Attachment           Reporting Requirements

Wetland Exemption - No Loss

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Wetland Replacement Plan

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Township Wetland Maps

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