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Recreation Lease Program

In the early years of its management of tax forfeited lands, St. Louis County established a program whereby the County issued leases to individuals or groups of individuals for the purpose of placing small cabins (traditionally called “hunting shacks”) on county administered tax forfeited land. Minnesota statutes authorize such leases for temporary use.

Currently, there are 660 cabin leases located in the woods.  Although most existing leases are renewed annually or allowed to transfer to new leaseholders, no new additional leases have been issued since 1990.


The County is making preparation to sell it's lakeshore leases to the current lessee or at public auction if the lessee does not wish to purchase.  More information on this sale is available on this site under Government > Auction and Sales > Shoreland Lease Sales

A few facts about leases:

  • Leases are renewed annually
  • Leaseholders can transfer their leases to others
  • Leaseholders do not receive exclusive use of any tax forfeited land except that which is actually covered by their structures
  • All construction must be authorized by the Land & Minerals Department
  • Full time residency is not allowed
  • Lease Violations and Penalties 



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