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Examiner of Titles

The Examiner of Titles is an attorney appointed by the Judges of the District Court to act as legal adviser for judicial and administrative duties, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 508.12, specified in the Minnesota Land Registration Act also called the Torrens Act.

The Examiner of Titles assists the district court by examining titles and petitions, issuing reports and conducting hearings in court cases involving the registration of land titles and in court cases involving problems or disputes with land which has been previously registered.

An important function of the Examiner of Titles is to act as legal adviser to the Registrar of Titles, who is responsible for filing title documents (e.g., deeds, mortgages, liens) submitted to the Registrar and for issuing Certificates of Title. The Examiner of Titles also issues directives and certifications instructing the Registrar of Titles to take specified action affecting Certificates of Title.

Contact Information:
David Adams
100 North 5th Ave. W.
Room 101

Duluth, MN 55802 

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Affidavit-of-Default-Form.doc 22.00 KB
Affidavit-of-Default-Form.pdf 17.00 KB
Appointment-of-Agent-for-Nonresident-Applicant.doc 28.00 KB
Appointment-of-Agent-for-Nonresident-Applicant.pdf 14.00 KB
Business-Entity-Application-Form.doc 56.00 KB
Business-Entity-Application-Form.pdf 26.00 KB
Corporation-Application-Form.doc 56.00 KB
Corporation-Application-Form.pdf 26.00 KB
Ex-Parte-Petition-Ten-Years-after-Sale-for-Taxes.doc 29.00 KB
Ex-Parte-Petition-Ten-Years-after-Sale-for-Taxes.pdf 23.00 KB
Ex-Parte-Petition-to-Delete-Memorials.doc 26.00 KB
Ex-Parte-Petition-to-Delete-Memorials.pdf 20.00 KB
Ex-Parte-Petition-to-issue-New-Certificates.doc 31.00 KB
Ex-Parte-Petition-to-issue-New-Certificates.pdf 25.00 KB
Individual-Application-Form.doc 58.00 KB
Individual-Application-Form.pdf 27.00 KB
Instructions-CONTESTED-TORRENS-CASES- VersC-Form.pdf 54.00 KB
Instructions-CONTESTED-TORRENS-CASES-VersC-Form.doc 60.00 KB
Instructions-for-Conduction-Land-Registration-Proceedings.doc 83.00 KB
Instructions-for-Conduction-Land-Registration-Proceedings.pdf 78.00 KB
Instructions-Proceedings-Subsequent-to-Initial-Registration.doc 63.00 KB
Instructions-Proceedings-Subsequent-to-Initial-Registration.pdf 51.00 KB
Interlocutory-Order-Form.doc 46.00 KB
Interlocutory-Order-Form.pdf 17.00 KB
Joint-Tenant-Application-Form.doc 64.00 KB
Joint-Tenant-Application-Form.pdf 28.00 KB
Land-and-Title-Summons-Form.doc 30.00 KB
Land-and-Title-Summons-Form.pdf 14.00 KB
Notice-of-Mail-Summons-Form.doc 29.00 KB
Notice-of-Mail-Summons-Form.pdf 14.00 KB
Order-and-Decree-of-Registration.doc 52.00 KB
Order-and-Decree-of-Registration.pdf 23.00 KB
Order-In-Proceeding-Subsequent.doc 25.00 KB
Order-In-Proceeding-Subsequent.pdf 11.00 KB
Order-to-Show-Cause.doc 31.00 KB
Order-to-Show-Cause.pdf 15.00 KB
Petition-After-Contract-for-Deed-Cancellation.doc 36.00 KB
Petition-After-Contract-for-Deed-Cancellation.pdf 26.00 KB
Petition-After-Fulfilment-of-a-Contract-for-Deed.doc 34.00 KB
Petition-After-Fulfilment-of-a-Contract-for-Deed.pdf 24.00 KB
Petition-After-Mortgage-Foreclosure.doc 37.00 KB
Petition-After-Mortgage-Foreclosure.pdf 28.00 KB
Petition-After-Tax-Forfeit.doc 34.00 KB
Petition-After-Tax-Forfeit.pdf 24.00 KB
Petition-and-Order-for-Summons-Form.doc 51.00 KB
Petition-and-Order-for-Summons-Form.pdf 28.00 KB
Petition-for-an-Order-Determining-Boundary-Lines.doc 35.00 KB
Petition-for-an-Order-Determining-Boundary-Lines.pdf 25.00 KB
Petition-General-Form.doc 34.00 KB
Petition-General-Form.pdf 25.00 KB