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Calculate Mortgage Registration Tax

Note:  Effective for documents acknowledged and recorded after July 31, 2001.  In the past, the Mortgagee (lender) was responsible for payment of the Mortgage Registration Tax. Federal Credit Unions were exempt from the tax. The Laws of 2001, Article 7, Section 24 shifted responsibility for payment of the Mortgage Tax to the Mortgagor (borrower). Thus mortgages from Federal Credit Unions and other exempt lenders are subject to the Mortgage Tax when they lend to a non-exempt borrower.

Calculation of the Mortgage Registration Tax

Click here to use the Mortgage Tax Calculator or use this formula: Mortgage Registration Tax is at the rate of .0023 of the debt or portion thereof secured by the mortgage.

Principle Amount of Mortgage X .0023 = Amount of Mortgage Registration Tax due.

Checks for Mortgage Registration Tax should be made payable the St. Louis County Auditor.