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Real Estate Recording

The St. Louis County Recorder provides protection and public notice by recording, indexing, maintaining and displaying records of legal documents that affect real estate or personal property and issues land title certificates. Property in St. Louis County is classified as two types of title, Abstract or Torrens.

Access to indexes, documents and certificates of title is available by paid subscription.

St. Louis County does not offer legal advice or assistance preparing documents.  Questions should be directed to a real estate attorney or a Practicing Abstractor

A document should be in recordable form and meet document recording requirements before being presented to St. Louis County. To learn more about document recording, view the document recording manual

To order Abstract Filing Requests, AFR, or Torrens Filing Requests, TFR, please email your name and address to .

To view fees for recording abstract and torrens documents, copy, mortgage and deed tax, and well certificates click here

For information on recording a document electronically (eRecording), click here.

To record a document by mail see the address listed for the Duluth office.  To record a document in person, come to the Duluth office only.  Office hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.

Street Address
St. Louis County Recorder
100 N. 5th Ave W. #101
Duluth, MN  55802


Mailing Address
St. Louis County Recorder
PO Box 157
Duluth, MN  55801-0157

Phone: 218-726-2677

The Virginia Real Estate office will take in a document and send it to the Duluth office for recording.  If you have a document that must be recorded right away, please bring it directly to the Duluth office.  Office hours in Virginia are 8:30 – noon and 1 - 4:30, Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.

Street Address
St. Louis County Recorder
Northland Office Center
307 South 1st Street, Suite 2R
Virginia, MN  55792

Phone: 218-749-7105