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A land survey is generally meant to ascertain and mark existing or proposed land ownership boundaries.  Land surveys are normally accompanied by a map or ‘certificate of survey’ of the subject property prepared and signed by a licensed land surveyor.  Oftentimes structures and other improvements such as fences and driveways are shown on the map.  Topographic features may also be shown.  Chapter 326 of Minnesota State Statutes requires that all boundary surveys be performed by or under the supervision of a Minnesota licensed surveyor.  The web site for the state licensing board can be found at:


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  • What is a Plat:  A plat is a drawing, drawn to scale, showing the division(s) of land.  The drawing represents lines surveyed, retraced or resurveyed while showing the direction and length of each line, area and identification of each parcel.  The plat drawing will also display the relation to adjoining official surveys, boundaries and description(s).  Topography, vegetation and improvement information are sometimes included.  A typical city or town plat will show subdivisions into blocks and lots with streets and alleys.

    For more information on plats, see the following:




    Minnesota State Statute 505 Plats; Coordinates; Surveys
      Minnesota State Statute 508.47 Registered Lands; Transfer, Surveys
      Minnesota State Statute 515B.2-110 Common Interest Community Plat (CIC Plat)

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