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If so, please fill out and submit the form below. You will be notified of upcoming St. Louis County Extension gardening and horticulture programs and events. Please note that your information is kept within Extension and will not be shared with any other agency or business.

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Watch here for more information regarding registration for upcoming programs.

Have you missed an event?

We often have program materials available for purchase following events. Call our office for more details. Currently available:

Root Veggie Fest (October, 2011) Reference materials $4, Cookbook $5
Home Grown (March, 2011) $15.00

Herb Garden Fest (September, 2010) 17 pages, $5.00 (does not include the recipe book, which can be purchased separately).

Spring Gardening Extravaganza (April, 2010) 101 pages, $15.00
Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables (March, 2010) includes both the Fruit and Vegetable Varieties for Northern Minnesota publications, $15.00.

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