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Planning Projects

Current Planning Projects

St. Louis County is currently involved with various planning projects that will impact the direction of communities.

St.. Louis County Union Depot Planning  

St. Louis County Union Depot Planning
St. Louis County has undertaken a site and master plan to prepare the historic St. Louis County Union Depot for the return of passenger rail service and maximize the benefits of this new service for the surrounding blocks and districts in downtown Duluth. Union Depot Planning...

Road & Bridge Construction  

Road & Bridge Construction
St. Louis County undertakes road and bridge planning and construction every year to provide safe, well maintained road and bridge system. More about Road and Bridge Construction... 

Adopted Plans   Adopted Plans- Comprehensive Land Use Plans
St. Louis County has Ordinance 27 that lists all adopted plans for townships and areas in St. Louis County from local to river plans. More about Adopted Plans...

Other Planning Efforts   Other Planning Efforts 
Transforming Pits & Piles to Lakes & Landscapes
Lake Vermilion State Park
Vacation Home Rentals, Emerging Market Analysis