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Building and Moving Structures

Building a Home or Moving a Structure onto a Property

The Citizen Portal is now available to the public. Apply for your land use permit online.

If you are building a structure, moving a structure, or adding to a structure, a land use permit must be submitted.  If you are looking to see who has permitting authority over your building project, consult the Administration of Zoning map for your city or township.

  • Single-Family Dwellings: New Construction of a home, cabin or hunting shack, and additions to any of these types of dwellings including deck additions or replacements and basements..
  • Mobile Homes: Moving either a new or used mobile home onto a property.
  • Accessory Buildings: Building structures such as garages, pole buildings, storage sheds greater than 150 square feet, saunas, bunkhouses, screenhouse, boathouses, platforms or detached decks.
  • Moving a Structure: Relocating structures from one place to another on a parcel or moving structures from one address to another.
  • Changing the Height, Pitch or Projection: Changing the height, pitch, or projection of a roof such as adding dormers or a loft or a steeper pitched roof.


Permit Applications 

Land Use
Performance Standard-Addition Nonconforming Structure
Performance Standard-Nonconforming Structure Replacement
Performance Standard-Other