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Land Use (Building)

Land Use Requirements for Building and Other Activities

The following information is an overview of St. Louis County land use requirements and a guide to assist property owners through the land use permit or subdivision process. St. Louis County does not administer the Minnesota State Building Code, but does require land use permits for a wide range of activities.

If you have questions regarding land use requirements, permits and other property related questions, please contact the St. Louis County Planning and Community Development Department. Videos Available:
 Land Use, Septic, and Shoreland Videos

Topic Areas


Find out if a land use permit is required for building new structures, additions to structures or moving structures onto property.

New Business or Expansion

Find out what land use permit requirements are required to start a new business or make changes to an existing business.

Land Alteration

Find out if a land use permit is necessary for filling, grading, and/or excavating property.

Borrow (Gravel) Pits

Find out what type of land use permit you need for starting a borrow pit operation.


Find out how to obtain a zoning map for your property and a corresponding fact sheet that gives you information on setbacks, lot size requirements, etc.

Rezoning Property

Find out how to get zoning on a property changed and the required criteria.

Subdividing Property 

Find out the minimum requirements for dividing property to ensure that the lot is buildable.

Purchasing Property

Find out what you should know when purchasing property.

Tower-Utility Structures

Find out the necessary standards and application form.

Is a Permit Required

Find out if a land use permit is required.

Is a Variance Required

Find out if a land use variance permit is required and about the process.


Obtain information on the different types of wetlands and who you need to contact to find out if your property is wetland.


Access St. Louis County maps.

County Plans & Ordinances

Land Use Ordinance 27 
Subdivision Ordinance 60
SSTS Ordinance 61
Zoning Ordinance 62


Boards & Committees

Planning Commission
Board of Adjustment
CDBG Citizen Advisory
Wetland Committee
HRA Board