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Entrance Permits (Driveway Access)

Permits for Installing an Entrance on New or Existing Property

In order to provide more efficient, accurate processing and management of entrance permit applications and entrance permits, the St. Louis County Public Works Department now implements an electronic permitting system for entrance permits. The ePermitting application is an Internet-based permit where an applicant submits an entrance permit application online, allowing applicants the ability to access the permit from their personal computer or their smartphone. 

Entrance permit applications are now only accepted through the ePermitting application. Although entrance permit applications will be submitted electronically, St. Louis County can only accept payment for the entrance permit application fee via check or money order. Checks should be made to: St. Louis County Auditor, in the amount of $330.00. Note: The entrance permit itself is $80.00, however St. Louis County Public Works requires a $250.00 deposit that will be refunded at the completion and final approval of the entrance.

Click here to apply for an entrance permit using the ePermitting Application

The user manual (below) provides instructions for creating a new user account, submitting a entrance permit application and managing your entrance permits.

When do I need to apply for an entrance permit with St. Louis County? You need to apply for an entrance permit when you are trying to install a permanent or temporary driveway access off of a County Road (CR), County State Aid Highway (CSAH) or Unorganized Township Road (UT). If the road you are trying to gain access from does not meet this criteria, contact your local jurisdiction (there may be multiple departments) to ensure that you are in compliance.

I talked to the foreman and he said that my driveway is approved, but I haven't seen my deposit refund? The first step is to make sure that even though you verbally spoke with the foreman you log back into your ePermitting account and flag your permit "Ready for Inspection". Once this step is completed you can not retract it so be sure before clicking this that you are truly ready for inspection. If you have already flagged your permit ready for inspection and are waiting for your refund, please call the number indicated on your permit for further information.

If you have further questions, please call (218) 625-3830 for assistance.

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