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Managed Forest Lands

The Managed Forest Land classification applies to unplatted real estate that is rural in character, not used for agricultural purposes, and not improved with a structure (a minor ancillary, non-residential structure does not disqualify a property from this classification).  The property must have a qualifying forest management plan (forest stewardship plan) in place that has been developed/updated by a DNR-approved plan writer within the last 10 years. The property cannot be enrolled in the Sustainable Forest Incentive Act (SFIA) program; more information about this program can be found on the Department of Revenue's website.

Managed Forest Land may qualify for a reduced class rate if the property meets all existing requirements.  To qualify, a property owner must submit an application to the county assessor no later than May 1 of the assessment year, for taxes payable the following year.


Application for 2c Managed Forest Land classification

Class 2c Managed Forest Land fact sheet

DNR Forestry phone number list

DNR list of approved plan writers