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Disabled Veterans Market Value Exclusion

This program provides a market value exclusion for property tax purposes for the homestead property of an honorably discharged veteran who has a service-connected disability rating of 70 percent or higher, as determined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Qualifying veterans with a 70 percent disability rating or higher are eligible for a market value exclusion of $150,000.  Qualifying veterans who are totally (100 percent) and permanently disabled are eligible for a market value exclusion of $300,000. Spouses of deceased veterans who were 100% totally and permanently disabled and those who receive dependency and indemnity compensation may also qualify for a market value exclusion of $300,000 for 8 years.  

Applications are due to the County Assessor’s department by July 1st of the assessment year in order to receive this benefit for taxes payable the following year.

A fact sheet on this program is available from the Department of Revenue.  If you have specific questions, feel free to contact your assessor or your Veteran's Services officer.