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Trespass is a serious problem that is difficult to resolve.  When an occupancy trespass is discovered on tax forfeited land, there is an investigation, and a trespass report is filed with the County Attorney’s Office.  If the trespass violation is substantiated, the trespasser will be required to remove all structures and private property from State tax forfeited land, and pay all costs associated with the trespass investigation.

Receiving a permit from St. Louis County (Planning, Health, or Public Works) does not constitute permission to build on tax forfeit land, nor does it indemnify the applicant from legal action.  Landowners applying for a Land Use Permit from the Planning Department are required to sign and certify a statement indicating they are the owner or authorized agent of the owner of the property.  Anyone who intentionally or unintentionally falsifies the application could see their permit invalidated; and, could be investigated for a trespass violation.

Whoever without a valid permit shall cut any timber upon lands owned by the State, or held in trust by the State for the counties, or remove or carry away such timber, or any other property appertaining to these lands, or shall commit any other trespass upon these lands, or shall induce or assist another to do so, shall be liable to the State for treble damages if the trespass is adjudged to have been willful, but liable for double damages only if the trespass is adjudged to have been casual and involuntary.

Please read Instructions for Applying for Access Across Tax Forfeited Lands for detailed information on what is required with the Application for Access Across Tax Forfeited Lands

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