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County Property and Land Explorer for Smart Phones and Tablets

This interactive, web mapping application provides the ability to view and map St. Louis County land record data on your smart phone or tablet. This app works with iOS and Android Phone operating systems. Simply identify which operating system you have, then click on that tab below for step-by-step instructions.

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The following questions and answers are provided for users of the County Mobile Land Explorers.


  When and how often is the data updated?
  The application brings together various databases across the County. The database updates will be reflected within a day or two.
  Do you plan to deploy other viewable mapping applications for other mobile phone and tablet devices other than IOS, Android based users? 
  Not at this time.
  Do I have to download an app onto my mobile device to be able to view on my tablet and phone?
  Typically, in order to use this mobile mapping application in certain operating systems and platforms, a downloadable app is required. However, in some operating systems and platforms, a typical web browser will work but you will need to access a different app such as: County Land Explorer
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