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County Land Explorer

An Interactive Mapping Property and Land Explorer

The St Louis County Land Explorer is a interactive web mapping application providing the ability to query and map St. Louis County land record data. This map application allows users to search by PIN, address, and other methods, while displaying information from the various County departments.    

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County Land Explorer
  County Land Explorer


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The following questions and answers are provided for users of the County Land Explorer.


  Question 1: When and how often is the data updated?
  Answer: The County Land Explorer brings together multiple databases from across the county. The database updates are typically reflected within 1-2 days but some data are updated less frequently. Tax parcel data are updated regularly. However, some information (i.e. new owner name/address following the sale of a parcel) may take weeks or months to update depending on the processing time frames of recorded documents. Further inquiries regarding attributes displayed in the tax parcel data can be answered by calling the St. Louis County Auditor’s office at 218-726-2380. 
  Question 2: The layers list does not appear in layers popup window within the application? What should I do?
  Answer: Simply refresh browser until the layers appear. 
  Question 3: I can’t get the site to work properly. What should I do?
  Answer: Try refreshing the browser and waiting for it to load completely. The site will work with various systems and Browsers such as Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 17, Google Chrome, Safari 5.0 or later, or Opera 11. 




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