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County Land Explorer

An Interactive Mapping Property and Land Explorer

The St Louis County Land Explorer is a interactive web mapping application providing the ability to query and map St. Louis County land record data. This map application allows users to search by PIN, address, and other methods, while displaying information from the various County departments.    

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County Land Explorer
  County Land Explorer


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The County Land Explorer uses a modern, cross platform programming framework to support desktop and mobile users. The County Land Explorer incorporates a responsive design that enables its usage on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. No third party app is required to utilize the County Land Explorer on a mobile device. Simply access the site through a web browser on your mobile device. Some functionality and map legibility is compromised as a result of reduced screen size. Due to this, the County Land Explorer is still available to mobile users as before via the "Explorer" App from Esri. For more information on this, refer to page 52 of the Help Document.

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