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Frequently Asked Questions

Aerial Photography

  • Do you have, or, where can I find some aerial photography?

Government Corner Certificates

  • Why file a Corner Certificate?
  • What information do I need prior to filing a Corner Certificate?
  • How do I go about filing a Corner Certificate?
  • Does St. Louis County have a reimbursement program for filing a Corner Certificate?
  • Can I get a blank template of a Corner Certificate?

List of local Surveyors

  • I would like to have my property surveyed, who can I contact?

Property Corner Coordinates

  • How can I get coordinates for my property corners?

PWD/Land Survey Division

  • Does St. Louis County have a surveying department?
  • How do I contact the County Surveyor's Office?
  • Where is the County Surveyor's Office located?
  • Who can I contact at the County Surveyor's Office?

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