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County Surveyor

The County Surveyor supervises the Land Survey Division of the Public Works Department under the administrative direction of the County Highway Engineer.  The Land Survey Division's mission is to maintain the records and landmarks of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) throughout St. Louis County. It also provides land surveying services to the Public Works Department for road and bridge maintenance and construction projects, assists with parcel mapping projects, and reviews and approves proposed land subdivision plats, Common Interest Community (CIC) plats and Registered Land Survey plats prior to recording.

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Staff Directory Office Locations Applicable Statutes, Ordinances and Resolutions
  Minnesota State Statute 94.46 Injury to Signal  
  Minnesota State Statute 160.15 Preserving Section or Quarter-Section Corners  
  Minnesota State Statute 381.04 Duties of Surveyor  
  Minnesota State Statute 381.12 Section Corners Relocated  
  Minnesota State Statute 381.13 Township Landmarks  
  Minnesota State Statute 381.19 Violations; Penalty  
  Minnesota State Statute 383C.451 Resurveys  
  Minnesota State Statute 383C.455 Surveyor To Keep Field Notes  
  Minnesota State Statute 389 County Surveyor  
  Minnesota State Statute 505 Plats; Coordinates; Surveys  
  Minnesota State Statute 505.021 Plat Contents; Survey; County Surveyor Approval  
  Minnesota State Statute 508.47 Registered Lands; Transfer, Surveys  
  Minnesota State Statute 515B.2-110 Common Interest Community Plat (CIC Plat)  
  County Ordinance Number 21

Filing of Surveys With The County Surveyor

  County Ordinance Number 34 Approval of all Subdivision Plats, Registered Land Survey Plats and Condominium Plats  
  County Ordinance Number 60

Subdivision Ordinance Number 60 of St. Louis County

  County Reimbursement Resolution Adoption of the Public Land Survey Monumentation Reimbursement Program  
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