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Filing a Corner Certificate

A CERTIFICATE OF LOCATION OF GOVERNMENT CORNER, a.k.a. Corner Certificate, is a document developed by a licensed land surveyor to mark a Public Land Survey (PLS) corner location.  When a survey or plat is made, proper recording of a Corner Certificate(s) is required, with its location referenced to local landmarks and or referenced to other adjacent PLS corners.

Pursuant to Section 3-4 of the Minnesota Department of Transportation hand book SURVEYING AND MAPPING MANUAL, dated April 20, 2007:
"The Certificate of Location of Government Corner is the written record of the present condition and the history for the public land survey corner.  To be useful for posterity, this document must be properly completed, provide an unquestionable location, and assure the total perpetuation of the government corner when made of public record.  A monument without a history is of little value as evidence and a new monument marking the location of a government corner is worthless if it cannot be identified in the future."

Preparation Filing Reimbursement Program Applicable Statutes




  Minnesota State Statute 160.15 Preserving Section or Quarter-Section Corners  
  Minnesota State Statute 38l.l2 Section Corners Relocated  
  Minnesota State Statute 507.093 Standards for Documents to be Recorded or Filed  
  Minnesota State Statute 507.24 Recordable, When  

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