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Filing a Corner Certificate

A CERTIFICATE OF LOCATION OF GOVERNMENT CORNER, a.k.a. Corner Certificate, is a document developed by a licensed land surveyor to mark a Public Land Survey (PLS) corner location.  When a survey or plat is made, proper recording of a Corner Certificate(s) is required, with its location referenced to local landmarks and or referenced to other adjacent PLS corners.

Pursuant to Section 3-4 of the Minnesota Department of Transportation hand book SURVEYING AND MAPPING MANUAL, dated April 20, 2007:
"The Certificate of Location of Government Corner is the written record of the present condition and the history for the public land survey corner.  To be useful for posterity, this document must be properly completed, provide an unquestionable location, and assure the total perpetuation of the government corner when made of public record.  A monument without a history is of little value as evidence and a new monument marking the location of a government corner is worthless if it cannot be identified in the future."

Preparation Filing Reimbursement Program Applicable Statutes


The importance of restoring and maintaining the monuments of our Public Land Survey (PLS) system is well known. Saint Louis County has established a payment system to encourage PLS corner perpetuation. This program, funded through Saint Louis County, will provide financial assistance to private sector land surveyors for PLS corner perpetuation which occurs during the course of a private land survey.

The primary focus of this program is to obtain good quality, corner certificates for corner monuments which do not presently have a Location of Government Corner Certificate on file with Saint Louis County.

The program will be administered as follows:

  1. The program will be managed on a first-come-first served basis, subject to available funding.  All PLS corner perpetuation shall satisfy the requirements of Minnesota State Statute 38l.l2 Subd. 3.
  2. Application Forms, and Certificate of Location of Government Corner templates can be obtained at the Public Works Department/Land Survey Division office or online at the County Surveyor's Office web page.
  3. Corners funded by this program shall include those corners of the original Public Land Survey (Section Corners, Quarter Corners, and Meander Corners) in St Louis County.
  4. The Saint Louis County Surveyor's Office reserves the right to deny applications or payment for PLS corner perpetuation under, but not restricted to, the following conditions:
    • Existing application is already on file or a current Certificate of Location of Government Corner is already recorded for the subject corner.
    • The application is being made by a government agency or pertains to a corner required for work contracted by a government agency.
    • The application does not directly relate to a current private survey.
    • The application pertains to a survey requiring County Surveyor approval and signature. (For such surveys, corner certificates are required but will not be reimbursed.)
    • The certificate does not demonstrate credible evidence and/or the use of reasonable and accepted survey methodology supporting the subject monument.

The reimbursement fee shall be $150.00 per completed corner certificate. An additional $250.00 premium will be paid for each corner certificate that provides the monument location (± 0.5 ft positional tolerance) by latitude and longitude, Minnesota State Plane North Zone coordinates or Saint Louis County Transverse Mercator (SLCTM96) coordinates referenced to NAD 83 (86) or NAD 83 (96) HARN. Datum must be clearly specified and will be subject to the County Surveyor's review and approval.

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