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Reducing waste in the workplace is a great way for businesses to cut costs while demonstrating environmental stewardship , using resources more efficiently, and boosting productivity. Below are resources businesses can use to achieve waste reduction and recycle more.

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This list of best practices is adapted from Keep America Beautiful's public space recycling resources. Visit KAB for more tips.
  • Place recycling bins and trash bins next to each other to make recycling easy and convenient. This also reduces the likelihood of someone putting trash in recycling or vice versa.
  • Use signage that is clear and easy to see. Make sure to use consistent signs and colors throughout your building. Downloadable signs are available here.
  • Use restrictive lids to reduce contamination and make sorting waste more intuitive. 

  • Keep bins clean and well maintained. Recycling bins that are contaminated with garbage will send the message that the bin is "all garbage anyway," leading to more contamination. Regular collection and replacing worn decals or banged up lids is an important step in ensuring that people use bins correctly.
  • Train your employees about how and where to recycle. You can make recycling a part of your workplace culture by identifying "recycling champions" to help with outreach and organize activities or rewards to encourage recycling. 
  • Track your progress and anticipate issues to come up. If there areas where a lot of recycling ends up in the trash, consider how bins are positioned or whether you need to swap out trash bins with more recycling bins. Holding a waste audit after the program has been set up can be helpful in identifying what recyclables ending up in the trash and how high your contamination rates are. Contamination is inevitable, but adjustments can be made to reduce it.
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