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Reducing waste in the workplace is a great way for businesses to cut costs while demonstrating environmental stewardship , using resources more efficiently, and boosting productivity. Below are resources businesses can use to achieve waste reduction and recycle more.

Technical Assistance and Programs Other Resources Best Practices for Recycling
Minnesota Materials Exchange
A free service that connects organizations that have reusable goods they no longer need with other organizations who can use them. Items ranging from tools and manufacturing equipment to furniture and office supplies are posted online for other businesses to take or purchase at a low cost.

Minnesota Retiree Environmental Technical Assistance Program (RETAP)
A program employing retired professionals who provide no-cost, non-regulatory energy and waste assessments to small and mid-sized businesses, institutions, and communities.  RETAP differs from MnTAP (below) in that it focuses on non-manufacturing commercial and service sectors, making recommendations for reducing waste, pollution, and energy use. 

Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP)
An outreach and assistance program that helps companies develop strategies to reduce waste, maximize energy efficiency, prevent pollution, and save money. MnTAP can provide on-site visits, telephone assistance, or team facilitation services tailored to your industry’s needs. The program also staffs interns who are placed at manufacturing or healthcare facilities to create waste or energy solutions.

Minnesota Waste Wise
A nonprofit environmental consulting organization affiliated with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce that helps businesses save money through waste reduction, resource conservation and energy efficiency. Waste Wise provides environmental sustainability assessments, waste sorts, workshops, sponsorship opportunities, among other services. They also offer ink cartridge and small electronic recycling for businesses and “Energy Smart,” an energy conservation service that encompasses financial incentives, such as utility rebates and grants.

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Resources for businesses   383.49 KBDownloadA list of organizations committed to helping businesses reduce waste to save money and become more efficient.
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