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Mortgage foreclosures are legal actions taken to foreclose upon real estate, as opposed to personal property. These are covered by Minnesota Statutes Chapters 580581 and 582. Read about the Minnesota Foreclosure Recovery Update from the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund dated June 9, 2011. 

List of Sales Foreclosure by Advertisement Foreclosure by Action Sale Procedure

This is the most common type of foreclosure action.  It is usually based upon some default in the terms of the mortgage.

The attorney hired to conduct the foreclosure will prepare the appropriate Notice of Mortgage Foreclosure Sale, arrange for service and publication of the notice and have the Sheriff’s Office conduct the sale.

Some attorneys utilize the Sheriff’s Office to serve the notices while others only notify the Sheriff’s Office of the sale.  Since attorneys often do not involve the Sheriff’s Office, information may not be available until the date of sale.

Any questions regarding a sale or arrangements to reinstate a mortgage should be directed to the attorney preparing the sale.  Their telephone number is usually published with the Notice of Sale.

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