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Kitchen Gardens at Glensheen

Our St. Louis County Master Gardeners are hard at work planting Kitchen Gardens at Glensheen. Come visit the Gardens and check out the different themes the Master Gardeners have chosen, showing how easy it is to plant a garden to feed your family.

Garden Image

University of Minnesota Master Gardeners Master Gardeners in St. Louis County
From the University website: The University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener™ program is an internationally recognized volunteer program. It exists in all fifty states, in Canada and in the United Kingdom. Nationally, there are nearly 100,000 Master Gardener volunteers from all walks of life. They reach about 5 million people each year – the equivalent of more than $100 million in value to communities. In Minnesota, the Master Gardener program is coordinated by University of Minnesota Extension and has strong ties to the research and outreach of the Department of Horticultural Science.
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