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County Services that Promote Economic Development

St. Louis County, as a regional leader, has vested interest in a strong tax base and the economic well being of its citizens. The county works in cooperation with communities and regional partners to strengthen the local economy and promote long-term economic vitality.

St. Louis County supports a variety of activities which strengthens the regions infrastructure and contributes to economic growth. The Planning and Community Development Department serves as contact for economic development initiatives seeking county assistance.

Tax Abatement- St. Louis County   PACE Financing
Property-assessed clean energy financing is available to businesses, farms, multi-family housing, nonprofits, and places of worship in St. Louis County. PACE provides project financing that is repaid as a separate item on property tax assessments. PACE eliminates the burden of upfront costs by providing low-cost, long-term financing. Learn more about PACE Financing.
Tax Abatement- St. Louis County   Tax Abatement
A financing tool for housing and economic development activities in St. Louis County. Used for projects that result in the creation of quality jobs and the attraction, retention and expansion of business or housing options within the county. Learn more about Tax Abatement...
JOBZ- St. Louis County   JOBZ
St. Louis County participates in JOBZ at the request of local communities. The first step in seeking financing under the JOBZ program is to contact the local city or town. Learn more Click Here-Positively Minnesota
Road & Bridge Construction- St. Louis County   Roads & Bridges
St. Louis County Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of over 3,000 miles of County-State Aid Highways (CSAH), County Roads, and Unorganized Township Roads. Learn more about Roads & Bridges...
Tax Forfeit - Fee Lands- St. Louis County   Tax Forfeit-Fee Lands
The Land Department manages just under 900,000 acres of tax forfeit rural land and 13,000 urban parcels, and additional fee lands.Learn more about Tax Forfeit-Fee Lands...
Timber Harvest and Sales- St. Louis County   Timber Harvest & Sales
The County Land Department manages and sell timber for business operators utilitzing timber from county managed lands. Learn more about Timber Harvet & Sales...
Community Development Block Program- St. Louis County   Community Development Block Program (CDBG)
The CDBG program provides funds for physical improvement, economic development, housing activities, and public service activities. Learn more about CDBG...
Minnesota Community Capital Fund   Minnesota Community Capital Fund (MCCF) 
St. Louis County is a member of the Minnesota Community Capital Fund, a nonprofit corporation. MCCF is a bank pariticipation loan fund for nonprofits and small business. Learn more about MCCF...

Economic Development - St. Louis County
Contact: Barbara Hayden
Tel: 218-725-5008