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Union Depot Planning

St. Louis County Union Depot

Federal, state, and local community leaders in Minnesota and Wisconsin have been working to create a high-speed passenger rail line between the Twin Ports and Twin Cities. This line is known as the Northern Lights Express and will provide passenger rail connection between the two largest population centers in Minnesota with station stops along the way. The St. Louis County Union Depot is one stop.

In order to plan for passenger rail operations at the Depot, St. Louis County has undertaken a community participatory planning process in which a site and master plan have been developed to prepare the historic St. Louis County Union Depot for the return of passenger rail service and maximize the benefits of this new service for the surrounding blocks and districts in downtown Duluth. The Document Library below provides the Final Plan document and supporting resources.

The project included the following components:


Depot Complex Site Plan
The Depot Complex Site Plan examines how to accommodate passenger rail facilities and operations within the St. Louis County Depot Complex. 


Area Master Plan
The Area Master Plan guides future land use and economic development surrounding the Depot Complex.

St.. Louis County Union Depot Planning   Economic Analysis
The Economic Analysis outlines current and potential future market conditions and potential to capture economic growth afforded by new rail service and associated development.
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