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Mailbox Policy

Ownership of Mailbox Supports

St. Louis County strives to provide right-of-way for the traveling public that is safe, efficient and free of unnecessary hazards, while minimizing the inconvenience to property owners. Minnesota law authorizes the road authority to remove and replace certain mailbox (Minnesota Statute 169.072) installations if they are deemed to be a public nuisance, a road hazard, and/or a danger to the health and safety of the traveling public (Minnesota Rules Chapter 8818).

Replacement of Unlawful Mailbox Supports and Installations

Any mailbox deemed unlawful by the St. Louis County Public Works Department, as defined by Minnesota Rules Chapter 8818 shall be replaced. If a support is deemed unlawful, the owner shall be notified in writing that the non-compliant mailbox or support shall be replaced within sixty days. Failure to comply with the County's mailbox policy will result in the removal of any non-conforming support at the owner's expense and misdemeanor prosecution of the property owner for a right-of-way violation.

Replacement of Damaged Mailbox Support and Mailboxes by St. Louis County

The Public Works Department will replace all lawful compliant mailbox supports damaged by County equipment during snowplowing operations or other maintenance activities provided the support was properly installed according to U.S. Postal and St. Louis County Public Works Department standards. If the installation is a standard swing-away mailbox support and damage is caused to the vertical support by direct contact of the snowplow or maintenance equipment, then St. Louis County will repair or replace the support with a standard swing-away mailbox support as soon as possible. All replacements will be a standard swing-away mailbox supports. St. Louis County will not be responsible for damage to non-standard mailbox support installations and will not replace supports damaged by third parties. 

St. Louis County does not replace mailboxes. While our snow plow operators make all efforts to avoid causing damage, snow clearing activities are inherently abusive on mailboxes. The large mounds of snow moved by our plows can and have caused damage to mailboxes even if the installation is at the correct height and setback. Additionally, the different styles and materials used in manufacturing mailboxes present problems. For example, plastic mailboxes are light-weight and resist corrosion, but at cold temperatures can shatter upon impact with a wave of snow.

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