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"Stay in School" say Poster Artists

Categories: 2010 Press Releases | Author: Peggy Carlson | Posted: 2/3/2011 | Views: 24887

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September 9, 2010    

Melanie Ford, St. Louis County Attorney
Duluth, MN  218.726.2323


                                            “STAY IN SCHOOL!” SAY POSTER ARTISTS

Melanie S. Ford, St. Louis County Attorney, announced that the Second Annual “Stay in School” Poster Competition Calendars were delivered to all school districts for distribution to the elementary school families in St. Louis County.  This calendar was made possible by dedicated teachers and students in St. Louis County and generous donations from the community. 

The calendar features posters from fourth and fifth grade students throughout the county.  Each month of the calendar shows the importance of staying in school from the perspective of students.  Ten honorable mention posters are also featured.  Each school that participated was presented with a $200 award for its own use. 

Ford stated that, “The posters we received were inspiring and outstanding. In their own words, our kids describe the link between education and their own future: “I’m off to change the world because I stayed in school,” “On the road to a great life, and I owe it all to staying in school,” and “Stay in school, the world needs your education.” As the calendar shows, our children understand how important their education is to their success and our communities’ success.”

Ford visited each of the top poster artists’ schools.  She presented awards and spoke with classes about the importance of staying in school.  Ford reflects on the positive impact of the Stay In School Poster Competition.  “Now I see these children at community events and they say, “I know you, you talked at our school about how important it is for me to stay in school.” The message is clearly getting out there to our children and our community.”

A traveling exhibition of the top posters is available for display upon request.  For further information or to download the calendar, go to attorney

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