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Gail Schoenfelder Honored With Volunteer Recognition Award

Contact:  Melanie Ford, St. Louis County Attorney, 1-218-726-2323




Gail Schoenfelder Receives Volunteer Recognition Award


     St. Louis County Attorney Melanie Ford will present Gail Schoenfelder of Duluth with the St. Louis County Volunteer Excellence Award at the October 9, 2007 meeting of the St. Louis County Board of Commissioners in Duluth at 9:30 AM.  The Board implemented the Volunteer Excellence Award in 2006 in celebration of the County’s 150th Anniversary.  The award is presented to citizens whose volunteer efforts have enriched the lives of citizens of the County.


     Ms. Schoenfelder works diligently to ensure equal and fair elections in the County, is a leader in efforts to eliminate racism, and strives to improve the lives of citizens through the reduction of gun crimes.


     Through her work with the Duluth League of Women Voters, Gail has been involved in voter education efforts, including organization of many candidate forums to allow candidates to inform voters of their positions on issues so that voters can make informed choices on election day.  She has organized voter registration drives particularly to reach groups associated with low voter turnout. She also attends new citizen swearing in ceremonies and provides information about voting and elections.


     Ms. Schoenfelder is a current co-chair and an original member of the Clayton-Jackson-McGhee Memorial Board.  She helped with the development of the Memorial itself, as well as continuing CJMM’s efforts to address the impact of racism in the Duluth community.  This includes the committee’s production of the videotape “Bringing the Truth to Light:  A Community Forum on Racism Today”, the development of a school curriculum on the history of the Memorial and its relevance to current day racism, and the establishment of a post high school scholarship to a student committed to anti-racism work.  She has served on ISD 709's Race, Culture, and Achievement Gap committee as well.


     Ms. Schoenfelder is the Minnesota founder of the Million Mom March---a national event to raise awareness about gun violence prevention.  The group works tirelessly to educate people about gun violence and advocate for legislative change.


     She is a member of the Lake Superior Medical Alliance, and was awarded the Minnesota Medical Alliance’s Community Service Award in 2001 in recognition for her work with international medical programs, local services to teens, and community organization.




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