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In order to provide more efficient, accurate processing and management of utility permit applications, the St. Louis County Public Works Department now implements an electronic utility permit application. With ePermitting the applicant will submit a utility permit application through an online website. Once their permit is approved the user has the ability to print the permit from their personal computer or access it from their smartphone. Utility permit applications will only be accepted through the ePermitting application.

Click here for the St. Louis County Public Works ePermitting Application

The reference manual (below) provides instructions for creating a new user account, submitting a utility permit application, and managing your utility permits. Note: Although utility permit applications will be submitted electronically, St. Louis County can only accept payment for the utility permit application fee via check or money order.

I was just told by the permit administrator I need a traffic control plan. What is a traffic control plan?  A traffic control plan is a written and drawn plan for handling traffic on a specific roadway. St. Louis County references Mn/DOT's Temporary Traffic Control Zone Layouts Field Manual for acceptable traffic control plans. While trying to develop a plan that will best suit you, please refer to the field manual as this will also provide guidance. Please note that all traffic control plans are subject to final approval by the County Engineer. Further questions related to the development of an acceptable traffic control plan may be directed by email to Jon Bodovinitz or call him at 218-625-3867.

I completed my utility work awhile ago, however I still show the permit as active. How do I have my permit status changed to completed? You must log back into your ePermitting account and flag the permit as "READY FOR INSPECTION". Please note: Once you flag your permit as Ready for Inspection you can not change the status. An inspector will then come out to the site of your utility work and finalize your permit's status to complete as long as all work has been completed to St. Louis County specifications. Further questions email to Jon Bodovinitz or call him at 218-625-3867.

If you have questions, please call (218) 625-3830 for assistance.

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