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Moving Permits: Annual, Single Trip, and Septic

In order to make the processing of moving permits more efficient and timely, the St. Louis County Public Works Department now implements an electronic permit application. EPermitting is an internet based permitting site that allows the user to submit a moving permit online, then allows its users to print moving permits directly from their personal computer, or access the permit from their smartphone. Moving permit applications will only be accepted through the ePermitting application. 

Click here to apply for your moving permit using the St. Louis County Public Works ePermitting Application

The reference manual (below) provides instructions for creating a new user account, submitting a moving permit application, and managing your moving permits. Before you can apply for your permit, you must email your certificate of insurance for insurance verification. St. Louis County requires the following minimum insurance requirements:

- St Louis County to be listed as additional insured
**This goes for all minimum required policies. If excess liability or umbrella policy is listed to make minimum requirement St. Louis County must be listed as additional insured on that policy as well

- The following information listed as the Certificate Holder:
  St. Louis County Public Works
  4787 Midway Road
  Duluth, MN 55811
**If you are a transportation company from Canada, your policy must pay in US Dollars.

General Liability:
- $1,500,000.00 each occurrence
- $500,000.00 per injury
- No less than $2,000,000.00 general aggregate

Auto Liability:
- $1,500,000.00 combined single limit

Click here to view a sample insurance certificate

The St. Louis County moving permit is composed of the following permit types. Each permit is charged a single, one-time fee.

 Permit Type Description
  Single Trip Permit  One move allowance per permit   $30.00 USD Designed for the infrequent user who needs to make an occasional oversized/overweight move in St. Louis County 


In order to ensure your permit will be active when needed, St. Louis County asks that permit requests are submitted a minimum of two (2) business days prior to the move. Permit requests submitted within this window are not guaranteed to be approved on time. Although moving permit applications are submitted electronically, St. Louis County can only accept payment for the moving permit application fee via check or money order. All checks need to be made payable to: St. Louis County Auditor.

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