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Hibbing Public Access Receives Volunteer Recognition Award

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November 30, 2006

Contact:  Ellen Quinn, Public Information Officer, 1-218-726-2621




Hibbing Public Access Receives Volunteer Recognition Award


     As part of St. Louis County’s Sesquicentennial year, the County presented a Volunteer Recognition Award to Hibbing Public Access on Tuesday, November 28, 2006 at 9:30 AM at Hibbing City Hall as part of its regular St. Louis County Board meeting.  Seventh District Commissioner Steve Raukar presented the St. Louis County Volunteer Recognition Award to Hibbing Public Access.


     Raukar chose to recognize the Hibbing Public Access Television staff and the many volunteer program hosts for their expertise, dedication and commitment to make Hibbing a better place to live ‑ by keeping residents better informed of civic matters, of community events, social issues, through access to area church services, and in providing entertainment and a creative forum to anyone and everyone who tunes in or has something to say.


     Their official mission is:  To provide the Community an Opportunity to Freely Express Themselves Through the Medium of Television, by providing the equipment, staff, and channel time to allow citizens to produce and to air their own programs to the local community.


     In retrospect, it has been indeed a collective effort that has kept Hibbing Public Access Television viable for many years, operating with limited funding (‑ just enough to cover gas mileage), staff and volunteers, too numerous to mention.   They have gone above‑ and‑beyond to deliver timely and informative community programming ‑ enough to fill 3 channels. 


     A little history ‑   in the late 1980's, Dr. Switzer and Bob Muhich, faculty at the Hibbing Community College initiated public access television programming through Range Cable Television.  It fizzled with time, but thanks to a couple of members from the First Lutheran Church who decided the endeavor was something worth continuing, Hibbing Public Access Television was re‑established in January of 1992, by a founding committee of concerned citizens.   City Hall became their base, and with 1 keyboard, 1 tape deck, and 1 transmitter as their equipment inventory, they were on the air and never looked back.  Hibbing PAC TV was one of the first in the region to put city council meetings on the air, and the First Lutheran Church was the first local church to go "live" with their services.  In January of 1993, after a year of success stories, Hibbing Public Access Television was incorporated as a non‑profit (501c‑3). 


     Today, six part‑time staff and a host of volunteers  work diligently to provide information, diverse programming and entertainment to the local television audience.   US Bank provides their home, donating the space and all utilities ‑ certainly deserving of acknowledgment. 


     Hibbing Public Access TV currently operates Channels 12, 22, & 23.  Channel 12 is the Public Access Channel where you see a variety of programs including community events, local talk shows, local school programs, and much more.   A local favorite, "All About Town" (hosted by Gene Nicollelli) is the longest running program to date, and VoxPop (hosted by Howard Margulas) is a fresh and innovative venue to freely express whatever is on your mind.   


     Channel 22 is the Government Channel.  On this channel, our SLC Board meetings can be viewed, as well as Hibbing City Council meetings, School Board meetings, Public Utilities meetings, etc.  They are also currently playing Army, Navy, and Air Force news. 


     Channel 23 is the Education Channel, where you can view Dept. of Education programs, health education materials, and services from many local churches. 


    Please recognize and applaud the staff and volunteers of HPAC TV ‑ whose Labor of Love is to Serve.



Don Slosson ‑ Channel 12

Bill Schleppegrell ‑ Channel 22

Bryce Holcomb  ‑ Channel 23

Kurt Holcomb

Cole Christenson

Tracy Tyler ‑ Accountant, Mgr. 


Program Hosts

Gene Nicolelli ‑ All About Town

Patty Miller ‑ Teens’ Talk

Howard Margulas ‑ Vox Pop

Pam Rundell ‑ Youth Sports





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