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Recycling Makes Sense in St. Louis County


Contact: Mary McReynolds  218-749-0648

Recycling Make Sense in St. Louis County

Wednesday, November 15th is America Recycles Day. Why is this important? Because the items we recycle here in St. Louis County are made of resources that can be put to better use than being buried in our landfill.

America wastes 90% of recyclable newspapers. According to a recent waste sort at the St. Louis County Regional Landfill there is almost 10,000 tons of recyclable paper going into our landfill each year.

Aluminum cans take over 500 years to break down in a landfill. When aluminum cans are recycled and made into new cans, it takes less energy and causes less pollution than making cans from raw materials. It makes much more sense to recycle the 700 tons of aluminum that is landfilled here every year.

The steel industry in the United States is set up to always include recycled steel in its manufacturing process. Almost 3,000 tons of ferrous metals are buried in our landfill each year rather than supporting our country’s steel industry.

"We want to extend the life of our landfill for as long as possible," says Ted Troolin, Director of the County’s Solid Waste Department. "This means that we need to keep everything out of the landfill that is a valuable and recyclable commodity."

The Solid Waste Department also operates a recycling processing facility serving most of St. Louis County. If all of the recyclable papers and metal and plastic food and beverage containers were put into the recycling containers throughout the County systems it would more than double the materials processed each year. This would save landfill space and increase the annual sales of recycled commodities.

So celebrate America Recycles Day everyday by recycling your soda and soup cans, your newspapers and junk mail and keeping them out of the garbage. For more information on recycling in St. Louis County call the Solid Waste Department at 1-800-450-9278 or go to and visit the Solid Waste Department page.


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