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Kurdistan delegation studies St. Louis County's green technology

Categories: Property Management News, 2012 Press Releases | Author: Dana Kazel | Posted: 9/21/2012 | Views: 25216

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September 21, 2012   

Dana Kazel, Communications Manager
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Kurdistan delegation studies green technology used by St. Louis County
Representatives from Rania, Iraq, toured several St. Louis County facilities Friday to learn about energy and water conservation techniques used by the County.

Director of Property Management Tony Mancuso, who has led the County’s efforts to reduce energy consumption and use more sustainable forms of energy, explained to the group that the County uses an asset management program. Using this program, his department first tracked the energy used in each of the County’s 200 buildings, including courthouses, jails and garages. They were then able to look at ways to lower energy use and – when it was time to make building upgrades – transition to renewable sources of energy when possible.

Friday’s tour included a look at the gardens and drainage system on the “green” roof of the County’s Motor Pool garage in Duluth; the micro wind turbines on the roof of the Government Services Center; and the solar panels, LED lights and other features on the parking ramp behind the Duluth Courthouse.

The group noted similarities between their district in Iraq and St. Louis County. For instance, both include larger metro areas as well as vast rural regions. However there also are key differences, such as while St. Louis County sometimes needs to knock accumulated snow off its solar panels, in Rania, their challenge is to clean sand off panels following dust storms.

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