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St. Louis County Recorder's Office Completes Automated Torrens System

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St. Louis County Recorder’s Office Completes

Automated Torrens System


     St. Louis County Recorder Mark A. Monacelli is pleased to announce that the County Recorder’s Office has completed a twelve year project to modernize and convert the paper based record keeping system to an automated record keeping system using computer technology.


     The paper based system was labor intensive and less efficient, leading to a long term conversion to an electronic process which needed to stand the test of time.  The St. Louis County Recorder’s Office began working on a model in 1994 with Administration, the County Board, and the Judges from the Sixth Judicial District, followed by software design and testing, work plan implementation and data entry of 48,926 paper based certificates of title.


     The first certificate of title was converted to the Automated Torrens System in March, 1998, and the final completed recently.  To ensure accuracy, the information in each converted certificate was compared to the original paper certificate.  Formerly, the backlog to record  documents in the paper based system and create certificates of title was three months long.  Now, with the conversion to the ATS complete, the work is done in less than two days.


     “This project would not have been completed without the dedication of my staff,” said County Recorder Mark A. Monacelli.  “Their hard work and commitment to this project were paramount to its success.”  He added that the support of the County Board, Administration and the Judges of the Sixth Judicial District was also integral to the project.


     The benefits of the St. Louis County Recorder’s Office Automated Torrens System include online access so that customers can view records and conduct research offsite; drastically reduced staff time to process transactions, which result in taxpayer savings; reduced backlogs which lowers such risks as a lien being recorded ahead of a mortgage.  The elimination of the need to lift and open heavy books has led to a lower number of work injuries.  And, the removal of the 728 Torrens books is creating a better use of the space.


     For more information about the St. Louis County Recorder’s Office Automated Torrens System or other innovations at the Recorder’s Office, please contact Mark A. Monacelli at 725-2627, or email him at







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