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St. Louis County honors three with Life Saver Awards

Categories: Sheriff News, 2012 Press Releases | Author: Dana Kazel | Posted: 8/7/2012 | Views: 23200

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August 2, 2012

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St. Louis County to honor three with 911 Life Saver Awards
St. Louis County will honor three people – a Hermantown resident, a Hermantown police officer and a county public works employee – with 911 Life Saver Awards in recognition of their heroic efforts in two recent incidents. The 911 Life Saver Awards will be presented at the St. Louis County Board Meeting on Tuesday, August 7, at 9:30 a.m., in the County Board Room on the second floor of the St. Louis County Courthouse in Duluth.
Those being honored are:

 Steve Mostad, Supervisor with the St. Louis County Public Works Department:
While driving near Chisholm last May 22, Steve Mostad noticed tire skid marks on the shoulder of Highway 84. Upon looking more closely down the embankment, he found an overturned car in a water-filled ditch. He ran down to the car, waded into the cold water, and found a young female inside. He helped her out of the car and kept her calm until additional help arrived.

 Ronald Bodell, Hermantown resident; and Mark Gunderson, Sergeant with the Hermantown Police Department:

Ronald Bodell called 911 last June to report his father, Robert Bodell, who had a history of health issues, was slumped over and incoherent. While speaking with the 911 operator, Ronald noticed his father had stopped breathing. Ronald was already trained in CPR and began performing it on his father until Sgt. Gunderson arrived. Sgt. Gunderson took over the chest compressions until Hermantown First Responders and Gold Cross Ambulance were able to arrive, treat and transport Robert Bodell. (Sadly, Robert Bodell passed away two weeks later due to complications of pneumonia.)

Each of the three honorees will be at the award ceremony, and their actions will be described in greater detail as they receive their honor.

“Too often we hear stories of people who look the other way when help is needed,” said Sheriff Ross Litman. “We think it’s important to recognize those who step forward – and in some cases literally jump in to help – even at risk to their own safety.

“It also important to note,” Litman continued, “that in these instances, besides the individuals being recognized, there was a passerby, other deputies, 911 operators, first responders, paramedics and other emergency personnel who all played a role in saving lives.”

Since 1993, St. Louis County has recognized the efforts of those individuals who have worked together, often risking their own safety, to save others.  The 911 Life Saver Award honors those worthy of such recognition, but also serves to educate the public on how the county’s 911 system works. 

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