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St. Louis County Recognizes Meals on Wheels and Volunteer Drivers

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September 1, 2006

Contact:  Ellen Quinn, Public Information Officer, 1-218-726-2621




St. Louis County Recognizes Meals on Wheels

and Volunteer Drivers


     As part of St. Louis County‚Äôs Sesquicentennial year, the County is presenting a Volunteer Recognition Award to Meals on Wheels and Volunteer Drivers on Tuesday, September 5, 2006 at 9:30 AM at the Duluth Courthouse as part of its regular St. Louis County Board meeting. 


     Volunteer Drivers from North and South St. Louis County bring elderly and vulnerable customers to medical or family services appointments throughout the county. Without the Volunteer Drivers, many of these people would be unable to get the clinics on their own. 

     For the six month period between January 2006 and June 2006 there were 4,131 rides provided and 272,948 miles driven by these volunteers in St. Louis County. Volunteer Drivers are reimbursed at the IRS rate, currently $.445 per mile. With the increased price of fuel, these volunteers often use their own funds to bring this valued service to the community.  Volunteer drivers who will be present on Tuesday are Jim Nichols and Howard Taylor, both Volunteer Drivers since November 1988.

     Meals on Wheels volunteers from Morgan Park Senior Dining, Lakeshore Home Delivered Meals, Bethany Lutheran Church, Rainbow Community Center, and  Lincoln Park Community Center will also be recognized on Tuesday.


     There are 20 different Meals on Wheels driving routes going out each day in the City of Duluth.  To do these 20 routes, there are a total of 124 individuals that deliver to individual homes. Some are substitutes, some are here once a week, and some deliver 2-3 days per week and sometimes an individual driver will deliver as many as 3 routes in one day when no other driver is available.

     In addition to drivers, there are volunteer packers, volunteers in high rise buildings who deliver to residents of the high rises, and those that help with paperwork - recording meals for monthly reports.

     For the six month period between January 2006 and June 2006, 56,000 meals have been delivered in Duluth.  In addition 3,300 frozen meals have been distributed to those not able to receive daily meal delivery.


     Please join the St. Louis County Board and members of the Health and Human Services Department as they honor these volunteers.



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