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County Establishes New Reporting Point for Suspected Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults

Categories: 2012 Press Releases | Author: Peggy Carlson | Posted: 1/23/2012 | Views: 23676

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January 23, 2012   

Shelley Saukko, Deputy Director
Public Health & Human Services Department
Duluth, MN   218-726-2210

RELEASE DATE:  January 24, 2012

Virginia Public Health & Human Services Office Established as Reporting Point for Suspected Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults

The St Louis County Board of Commissioners today designated a second “common entry point” in Virginia for residents to report suspected maltreatment of vulnerable adults.  “This designation will enhance services for our most vulnerable residents in northern Minnesota,” stated Commissioner Keith Nelson, Chair of the Board and Commissioner of the Sixth District, which includes the Virginia area.  Commissioner Nelson said, “The change compliments the ongoing efforts of the county’s Public Health and Human Services Department to provide more effective adult protection services throughout the county.” The Virginia office location is in Northland Office Center, 307 South First Street. The telephone number to report suspected abuse is (218) 726-2164.

By Minnesota law, all counties must designate a “common entry point” (CEP) for residents to report suspected cases of maltreatment of vulnerable adults.  Since the inception of the CEP in 1995, St. Louis County has designated the Public Health and Human Services (PHHS) office in Duluth as the county's required CEP.  All referrals, regardless of originating location, were directed to the Duluth office and internal procedures were developed to relay information to northern PHHS staff for appropriate response and follow up.  While this process has worked adequately, it has not been optimal. 

“Establishing a second CEP location will improve the county's response to referrals of suspected maltreatment of vulnerable adults and ensure the report is received at the appropriate location,” said Commissioner Steve O’Neil, chair of the County Board’s Health and Human Services Committee.
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