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County Board Honors Trent Waterman

Categories: 2011 Press Releases | Author: Peggy Carlson | Posted: 3/11/2011 | Views: 21788

N E W S   R E L E A S E

March 9, 2011    

Frank Jewell, County Commissioner
St. Louis County Courthouse
Duluth, MN   218-726-2450


St. Louis County Board Honors Trent Waterman,
Photographer/Graphic Designer/Videographer
In keeping with the St. Louis County Board’s 2011 theme of recognizing those county residents who have excelled in the fields of arts and sciences, First District County Commissioner Frank Jewell honored local photographer/graphic designer/videographer, Trent Waterman with the county’s “Excellence in the Arts & Sciences Award” on Tuesday, March 8th, at its regular County Board meeting held in the County Board Room of the St. Louis County Courthouse, Duluth, MN.

Commissioner Jewell explained his selection of Mr. Waterman by saying, “Trent is a senior at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and will graduate this May with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Studio Art-Digital Arts and Photography and a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. His most recent work, a series of eleven short video studies of local musicians demonstrating their talents in unexpected environments, can be viewed on the internet at North Shore”

Mr. Waterman describes himself as “born and raised in the woods of rural Wisconsin, and transplanted to the hills of Duluth.” During his college career he focused his efforts on photography, filmmaking, graphic design, and music performance. In 2007-2008 he studied abroad at the University of Birmingham, England, and spent months backpacking through Europe, where he encountered many of the people and ideas that would later influence his creative work.

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