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St. Louis County Board set to Approve 2010 Land Department Proceeds Distribution

Categories: 2011 Press Releases | Author: Peggy Carlson | Posted: 3/3/2011 | Views: 21351

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March 1, 2011    

Bob Krepps, Land Commissioner
St. Louis County Government Services Center
Duluth, MN   (218) 726-2605


St. Louis County Board Set to Approve Distribution of $3.2 million
In Land Department Proceeds for 2010

Each year, in March, the County Auditor closes the fiscal year and reports the total revenue generated by the St. Louis County Land Department through sales of land, timber stumpage, gravel, peat, and other fees. Any revenue, over and above expenses for operating the Department, is distributed by the St. Louis County Board of Commissioners to various funds and local jurisdictions as provided by Minnesota Statute. A recommendation is made by the County Land Commissioner and the County Administrator regarding the distribution of these funds, officially called “the apportionment.”

At today’s Committee of the Whole meeting, County Commissioners discussed the recommendation for the 2010 apportionment, exceeding $3.2 million. This is up significantly from previous years when downturns in timber sales and the real estate market impacted Land Department revenues. Commissioners were unanimous in their support of the recommendations, with the final decision scheduled for next Tuesday, March 8th. 

The Land Department works to promote, enhance and protect St. Louis County Tax Forfeited Trust lands and is dedicated to the long-term management of these lands for economic, social and ecological benefit for the people of St. Louis County. The apportionment formula is governed by state law. The Land Department Fund, which ensures long-term sustainability of its operations and management of timber and land resources, retains a percentage of the net proceeds.  Next, some funds can be used for the county’s land use planning purposes, which broadly benefit the health and vitality of our region. The remaining $1.4 million will be distributed to school districts, townships, and cities, located where the revenue was generated.

In these challenging economic times when both public and private agencies are scrutinizing expenses and maximizing revenue, the 2010 St. Louis County Land Department apportionment is a true success story. Increased revenues and decreased operational expenses will result in increased distributions to school districts, cities, and townships in our county.

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